Annapurn Base Camp


Day 01 Minibus from Kathmandu to Suikhet Phedi (1200m). Walk 2 hours (uphill) to Dhampus (1700 m.)
On the road from Kathmandu, enjoy packed lunch at roadside picnic area. Arrive at trailhead after six-to-seven hour drive. Last section of the drive is very bumpy! Unload gear, assemble porters, assign porter loads, join up with cook staff arriving on public bus.

Walk two hours uphill to our camp at Dhampus Deurali [ridge] at 1700 m. Enjoy magnificent views of the Annapurna range. Sherpa guides put up your tents, and cook prepares a delicious dinner. Next morning, leave refreshed for full day's uphill trek.

Day 02 Dhampus to Landruk (2200 m.)
Trail climbs to Pothana and then drops quite steeply through a thick green forest to Bichok. Here is where your boot preparation begins to pay off. Concerns here are little rivulets of water criss-crossing the trail making "Raato maato, chiplo baato" (red mud, slippery trail). Important to avoid jamming toes in boots. If you need help ask any Sherpa, any time, to carry your rucksack - or carry you! Experienced hikers love the challenge.

Trail emerges into the rushing glacial melt of Modi Khola valley. Continue downhill to Talka and finally into a series of teahouses in Gurung village called Landruk at 1650 m.

Day 03 Landruk to Chhomrong (2000 m.)
First section of trail in morning climbs up to pass at 2220 m., then steep descent to Khumnu Khola at 1770 m. Climb up again, passing through Khumnu (Kimrong) then another ridge, then down to Chhomrong at 1950 m.

Chhomrong is the last permanent settlement in the valley. Your sirdar will purchase any needed supplies here. Enjoy a cup of tea in the village, then walk to camp site where your tents are being put up. Enjoy a delicious hot dinner and fall fast asleep after a wonderful day.

Day 04 Chhomrong to "Bamboo Lodge" (2,850m.)
Trail drops down to Chhomrong Khola, then up again to Khuldigar at 2400 m. ACAP/police checkpost here where your sirdar will display the groups' trekking permits and police will check your rucksacks for weapons (in case you might be Tibetan Freedom Fighters, who were once based in nearby Mustang!)

A few hours later arrive in the temporary village called "Bamboo Lodge" which is actually five trekker's teahouses and some nice camping spots. As usual, your Sherpas will send a few porters ahead with tents & cooking gear, so that tents are set up and tea and cookies ready when you arrive in camp. Ahhh….

Day 05 "Bamboo Lodge" to Hinko Deurali (3100 m.)
Climb through forests of bamboo and fabulous blooming red & white rhododendron trees through Dovan herder's camp and up to Hinko at 3020 m. The early section of today's trail can have leeches, which flourish in the damp forest.

Best to cover legs, arms, and head, and to check boot-lace holes often. Even if leeches latch on, they will fall off when they finish leeching, so don't worry too much!

Make camp near Hinko Deurali, the ridge above Hinko. More beautiful views. Avalanches common here.

Day 06 Hinko to Machha-puchhre Base Camp (12,150 ft., 3703m.) or Annapurna Base Camp (13,550 ft., 4130m.)
Rapid altitude gain. Decision to camp for two days (tonight, and tomorrow night) at either Machha-puchhre Base Camp or Annapurna Base Camp will be based on group member's comfort. Final decision is made together by sirdar and trek leader.

Plan A, camping at Machha-puchhre Base Camp, would respond to group preference for lower campsite to reduce altitude headache, ease breathing, etc. During tomorrow's rest day, then, trekkers who want to climb to get the utterly spectacular views at Anna-purna Base Camp can make a Sherpa-accompanied 5-hour day trip.

Day trip to Anna-purna Base Camp involves

1. two hours definitely uphill hike from Machha-puchhre Base Camp to Anna-purna Base Camp

2. at ABC, take magnificent photos and absorb the amazing ether

3. hike back down to camp, enjoy hot soup, followed by a delicious dinner.

Plan B involves a somewhat longer day today, followed by two nights camping at Annapurna Base Camp at 4,130 m. Breathtaking views, but possibly some difficulty sleeping. Day trips can be made to higher ridges for more stunning photos.

Day 07 MBC /ABC to Hinko
Reverse of Day 6, with delightful increase in oxygen on rapid descent.

Day 08 Hinko to "Bamboo Lodge" (2,850m.)
Reverse of Day 5, except a smaller number of trekking hours required as trail is mainly downhill. Walk back through blooming rhododendron & bamboo forest. Arrive early at Bamboo Lodge area and relax during a half rest day.

Day 09: "Bamboo Lodge" to Chhomrong (2000 m.)
Reverse of Day 4, noting final uphill climb in Chhomrong. Take time now to observe Nepali custom & dress.

Day 10 Chhomrong to Ghandruk (6600 ft., 2012 m.)
Reverse of Day 3. Remember that steep downhill coming out of Ghandruk on the way up to the Sanctuary? Today we return the opposite direction, which means significant uphill most of the day. Sherpa guides will keep whatever pace you set - fast or slow as needed. In spring this uphill section feels hot & humid, so keep drinking your Himalayan snow melt water!

Day 11 Trek from Ghandruk to Birathanti.
Nepal Sherp Treks transport will meet you at Birathanti

Break camp early. Receive two pack lunches from the cook: today's lunch and today's roadside picnic dinner.

First half of today's hike is mainly uphill, recovering those incredible stone staircases. First two hours are reverse of Day 2, then fork off Dhampus trail which we had taken up toward the Sanctuary, turning east, on the trail to Birathanti.

Second two hours generally downhill to Birathanti, where minibus will meet you at the trailhead, at about noon. Say good-bye to porters and some or all of your Sherpa guides. Now is the time to offer any tips or clothing gifts that you may have planned to give. Some Sherpas may ride the transport vehicle back to Kathmandu with you.

Day 12: Drive or fly back to Kathmandu (drive 6 hours/fly 25 mins)

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