Dolpa Area Trek

DOL-PA (frequently pronounced Dol-po) is the mystical land of Peter Mathiessen's The Snow Leopard

Dolpa offers spectacular mountain vistas, remote pockets of ancient Tibetan culture, and trails full of local yak & donkey herders. Dolpa region features several high passes plus two very high passes over 17,000 feet. The trails are steep and occasionally difficult. You must be in good shape physically to trek Dolpa, including Mustang.

Genuine wilderness is rare in Nepal, but we find it in remote Dolpa. All trekking food & supplies must be packed in transfer to the airport of trekking area.

Dolpa is a good place to sample rural Tibetan food, visit holy gompa (monasteries), and observe ancient Buddhist lifestyles which are rapidly disappearing.

PLEASE NOTE: Special remote area permit fees required for Dolpo and Upper Mustang areas.

Lower Dolpa ("A") Trek
DolpoThis remote and rugged protected area is both scenically and culturally attractive. Located in the central west of the country the focal point of the area is the Shey Phoksundo National park. The Lower Dolpa trek circuit can be completed in eight days from Juphal back to Juphal. The circuit can be completed either clockwise or anticlockwise, depending on preference but in both cases the focal points of the trek are Phoksundo Lake and the Tarap Valley. The main attraction of the area is the wild and pristine landscape. Geographically, it is similar to Tibetan Plateau and is generally dry, cold and sparsely vegetated.

The trekking season for both Upper and Lower Dolpa is generally from June to September. ...........
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Upper Dolpa Trek
Upper DolpoDolpo region situated between the Tibetan plateau and the Dhaulagiri Himalayan range is the highest inhabited land of Dolpo. Geographically a southern extension of Tibet, it lies within the borders of the state of Nepal, since 1984 has been the countrys largest national park and conservation, the park sustains an abundance of wild life including Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue Sheep and the legendary elusive Snow Leopard, as well as being home to a fascinating race of Tibetan speaking people. The hardy highlanders of Dolpo are traders, exchanging barley for Tibetan rock salt and they take their yaks onto the Tibetan plateau during the summer for grazing. Before 1989, when the southern regions were opened to trekking groups, very few explorers had visited the area. ...........
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Rara Lake Trek
peopleThis trek through the remote wilderness of western Nepal offers a superb experience of nature and a visit to Rara Lake, Nepal's Largest Lake at 3062 meters. Beginning the trek from the mountain airstrip of Jumla after flying from Kathmandu via Nepalgunj, the trail passes through green countryside which provides unusual glimpses of a culture and scenery quite different from that found elsewhere in Nepal and which eventually culminates to the Rara Lake National Park. This beautiful high altitude lake is surrounded by alpine meadows and forests of pine, juniper and spruce, whilst in the background you can view the magnificent snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. The entire route is 'off the beaten track' which involves the crossing of Ghurchi Lagna pass at 3450m on the way to Rara Lake and a few ridges at around 3000 meters when hiking on the way back.Any physically fit person can do this moderate trek anytime in March to May and October to early December.

Highlights of this region: Unsurpassed views of Rara Lake and mountain scenery, chance of spotting wildlife such as musk deer and black bear, ruins of the Malla dynasty's old palace. .........
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