Nepal Sherpa Treks Company Mission:

Nepal Sherpa Treks is proud of our many return customers who have formed lifelong friendships with our Sherpa family guides. Anthropology, sociology, and geology Research Groups, Buddhist practitioners, and business people, come back to trek with their favorite Sherpas, year after year.

Our Customers' Profile;

Mingmar Lama in Lhasa, Tibet - 2004Tibet travel is becoming more and more popular as Tibet gains western media exposure. About 40-50% of our travel service is for Tibet. Our well-read customers know that Tibet destinations such as Mt.Kailasha can open and close suddenly with capricious choice of Chinese gov’t. Luckily we have good connections in Tibet and can help you plan intelligently!

Our Sherpa family is from Solu, so we have special expertise in Solu Sherpa Buddhist festivals as well.

We would be delighted to serve you! Please let us know your interests, including which trekking routes or festivals you prefer.