Tibet the autonomous region, the mystic Shangri-la, the forbidden Kingdom on the Roof of he World, is a source of inspiration for sages and ordinary at all time. Great explorers and adventurers of the century has ventured into this holy land rendered inaccessible by the hostile nature conditions and bandits that waylaid them across through the Himalayas.

Awesome landscape, artistic monasteries, exotic cities, hidden valleys and centuries-old caravan trails. An aura of magic, and mystery awaits you, with majestic views of the spectacular Himalayas, including Mt Everest. This unique land is now easily accessible from Kathmandu, and is a trip not to be missed in this lifetime. Best time to visit is April to November.

NEPAL SHERPA Treks is pleased to offer these fascinating Tibet Journeys with Tibetan-speaking family guides. Our Tibet itineraries are priced affordably with the enthusiastic traveler in mind.

8-Days Lhasa Overland Tour
Centeral Tibet, Lhasa, Gyangtse, and Shigatse

The Great Trans-Himalayan Journey from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Drive over the Himalayas by way of the incredible Arniko Highway that connects Kathmandu with Lhasa. Enjoy fabulous mountain scenery enroute, visit mystical Buddhist monasteries of Tashilungpo at Shigatse, the Kumbum Stupa at Gyantse, and drive past the beautiful Turquoise lake. In Lhasa visit the famous....... Itinerary details

10-Day Lhasa, Everest Base Camp Tour
Central Tibet, Lhasa and Everest Base Camp

Tour Lhasa, Gyantse,t Everest BaseCamp Tour is a very comprehensive tour of Tibet with visits to the cultural, historic and natural attractions of Tibet. The tour includes all the important places of interest in central & south Tibet including a visit to Rongphu Monastery and Mt. Everest Base Camp......... Itinerary details

14-Day Kailash Tour (Yatra)
East Tibet, Lake Manasarovar and Mount Kailash

A Pilgrimage tour to holy Mt. Kailash & Lake Manasarovar In Tibet. Mt. Kailash (6714 m) - also known as Tise, Kailasa or Kang Rinpoche (Jewel of the Snows) has since time immemorial been celebrated in many eastern cosmologies as Mt. Meru, the axis-mundi. As the center of the physical & metaphysical universe, Mt. Meru (Kailash) is sacred to the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Jains, and the Bonpos. For the Hindus, the mountain.......... Itinerary details

Central Tibet , Lhasa & Everest Base Camp
East Tibet, Lake Manasarovar and Mount Kailash

Overland Journey from Lhasa to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasaorvar in Tibet. After visiting the palaces and monasteries of Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse travel by 4-WD jeeps across the Tibetan Highlands, following the great Yarlung Tsangpo river valley, to the sacred landscape of Lake Manasarovar and Mount Kailash. After exploring the lake and surrounding area we will follow the 3-day pigrim trail around the holy mountain to complete the kora or parikrama. Afterwards, driver back to Lhasa Overland Journey from Lhasa to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasaorvar in Tibet....... .Itinerary details

Samye Ganden Trek
Central Tibet , Lhasa & Everest Base Camp

The main attraction of Gandan to Samye trek is Gandan Monastery, two high passes above 5,000m. beautiful alpine lakes, walking on Jungle and River, wild flowers, Samye valley, Samye Monastery, boating on River, Lhasa tour, Ronbuk Monastery, Everest Base Camp, walking and camping on Alpine etc

Samye Gandan Trek starts from Ganden Monastery to Samye valley / Samye Monastery. Gandan is situated 45km east of Lhasa on the highway which follows the south bank of Kychu to Medro Gongkar. This in one of the best trekking in Tibet . All experiences like nomad life, Altitude walking, Jungle walking, Monasteries we can get from this trip .......Itinerary details

Kharta Valley Trek
(With Khanseung / Karma Valley , East Everest Base Camp)

The attractions of Kharta Valley trek are Kharta Valley, Khangseung Valley , Karma Valley , Khangseung face of Mt. Everest. East Everest Base Camp, Rongphu Monastery, High Alpine Passes above 5,000m, walking in alpine forest, magnificent Mountain views of Mountains, walking and camping on Tibetan plateau.

Kharta Velley is isolated region along with Mt. Everest contains the Himalayan ranges of Everest region and the arid Tibetan plateau. The Kharta Valley trek have experience you pristine wilderness, beautiful Alpine Lakes and beautiful mountain views. The beautiful valleys like Karma Valley, Khangseung valley, and Khangseung Glacier makes you different feelings then other trekking.

Kharta trek starts from Kharta valley 140 km south-east from Xegar. From there we a head for Khangseung face via Karma Valley which has views of such giants as Mt. Makalu , Mt. Everest, Pethangtse, Lhotse and others ..... Itinerary details

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