Upper Mustang

The small kingdom of Mustang, closed to westerners until 1992, is an enchanting land of windswept vistas, red walled monasteries, and feudal towns.

Upper MustangThis tiny kingdom was not only a major corridor of trade from the 1400's to before the Chinese occupation of Tibet, but also figured importantly into early Buddhism in Tibet. Local legend tells the tale of the great founder of Tibetan Buddhism, Padmasambhava, who before building Samye (the oldest monastery in Tibet) came to Mustang to stand guard against and do battle with the evil powers out to destroy Buddhism. The temple of Lo Gekhar in eastern Mustang was built by Padmasambhava after his triumphant battle and still stands guard today.

kagbeniOur route will take us across the vast Kali Gandaki riverbed, up over windswept passes at 14,000 ft. and across the 'Plain of Aspirations' to the walled capital city of Lo Manthang. All this through a landscape of indescribable vastness and beauty, home to the infamous snow leopard, the endangered bharal (blue sheep), and the mythical mehti (abominable snowman).

Rimmed by 20,000+ snowcapped peaks and bathed in hues of orange and red rocks with sporadic fields of vibrant green, yellow and red of barley, maize, and buckwheat, Mustang is a step back to a simpler time.

Upper-Mustang - 15 days

Day 01: Fly or bus KTM to Pokhara
Day 02: Fly to Jomsom (short trek to Kagbeni)
Day 03: Kagbeni to Chaile
Day 04: Chaile to Somar
Day 05: Somar to Gemi
Day 06: Gemi to Charangi
Day 07: Charang to Mustang
Day 08: Mustang Rest Day
Day 09: Mustang to Charang
Day 10: Charang to Gemi
Day 11: Gemi to Somar
Day 12: Somar to Chaile
Day 13: Chaile to Kagbeni
Day 14: Kagbeni to Jomsom
Day 15: Jomsom/Pkhara/ Kathmandu flight

Beni-Upper Mustang - 19 days

Day 01 KTM to Beni by bus
Day 02 Beni to Tatopani
Day 03 Tatopani to Ghasa
Day 04 Chasa to Larjung
Day 05 Larjung to Jomsom
Day 06 Jomsom to Kagbeni
Day 07 Kagbeni to Chaile
Day 08 Chaile to Somar
Day 09 Somar to Gemi
Day10 Gemi to Charang
Day 11: Charang to Mustang
Day 12: Mustang Rest Day
Day 13: Mustang to Charang
Day 14: Charang to Gemi
Day 15: Gemi to Somar
Day 16: Somar to Chaile
Day 17: Chaile to Kagbeni
Day 18: Kagbeni to Jomsom
Day 19: Jomsom to PKR to KTM by flight

Upper Mustang - Dolpa -26 days

Day 01 Drive to Pokhara
Day 02 Fly to Jomsom
Day 03 Chaile
Day 04 Somar
Day 05 Gemi
Day 06 Charang
Day 07 Lo Monthang (Mustang)
Day 08 Lo Montang (Rest day)
Day 09 Kay-Kay BC (Mustang)
Day 10 Mong
Day 11 Chharka
Day 12 Mulila Bhanjyang
Day 13 Say Pula
Day 14 Tingku
Day 15 Simen
Day 16 Say La Pass
Day 17 Saltang Gaun
Day 18 Say Gompa
Day 19 Say Gompa (rest day)
Day 20 Nambup
Day 21 Begala Phedi
Day 22 Ringmo (Phoksundo)
Day 23 Renji
Day 24 Akhe Khola
Day 25 Juphal
Day 26: Juphal to Nepalgunj-Kathmandu

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